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Dakota Pipeline – No! USA Doesn’t Want Jobs, We Would Rather Fund Terrorists

Oh the fresh smell of oil in the morning.  We love it… but wait, no, we hate it!  We love oil when it comes from other countries because we must protect our pristine lands, Indian country and otherwise.  Besides, a pipeline and its consequences might be responsible for the complete extinction of the 5 legged land toad.  I highly suggest we get numerous government agencies involved to examine this situation.

How could we Americans possibly want to rip through precious landscape and ruin the natural beauty of our own country?  It wouldn’t be worth the jobs.  We must, instead, support the degradation of the natural beauty of other countries, terrorist or otherwise, and continue to import and support our oil addiction. read more

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President Trump Protects Americans – How Dare Him!

Donald Trump is doing his job to the horror of some Americans.  The refugee ban.  The masses have taken to calling it a muslim ban.  But is it really entirely a religious thing?  I suggest that it is much more than that.  The American public should be concerned about several major issues.

Vetting Extremists.  Many Americans have as much faith in the vetting system as they do in the Veteran’s Administration and the United States Postal Service.  Past immigrants have been allowed to travel to and from the very country they claimed to be fleeing from.  Why isn’t it that hard to see that ISIS would certainly want to take advantage of a refugee loophole to get extremists into America? read more

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Pink Pussy Women Descend Upon Washington

Women banded together to challenge the power of the pussy grabber by donning pink pussy hats.  Believe me not?  Go to Wikipedia and type in “Pussy Hat” and you will discover information about the 2017 Women’s March on Washington.  There were actually numerous demonstrations in many cities in America and worldwide on January 21, 2017.  Turnout was good.

Go girl power!  Think about it.  Women wearing pink hats with cat ears.  It’s brilliant.  But, what will the ladies do now?  How about a steady source of income for your new pussy platform? read more

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Russians Hacking Emails and Rigging the American Election – Clinton’s Poetic Justice

I am downright tired about hearing how the Russians hacked our election.  As if accusations of rape and pussy grabbing didn’t turn the tide, it turns out it was all about the email, ‘bout the email, ‘bout the email.  No trouble.

Apparently you can get away with breaching national security with email usage, deleting email, not turning over email, and even make a good run for the presidency amongst said email debacle.  But, hacking into legitimate emails of the democrat’s election game plan, and making them available to the public turns out to be very off limits.  Who doesn’t appreciate the poetic justice here? read more

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