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H.R. Bill 610 – Republicans Looking to Add School Choice and Amend the No More Fat Kids Act

I have never understood the backlash against school choice.  When companies compete for your business, good ones thrive and bad ones fail.  The same can’t be said for schools, because they are government funded, and therefore ultimately controlled by government even if they are locally operated.  Healthy competition could change the status quo, and besides, why should your child have only one option for public school based on where you live?

The defunding of public education, charter schools, money to the rich, paying parents to educate their own children, oh the horror!  Why shouldn’t parents be allowed to apply government funds towards their child’s education as they see fit, especially when those funds would be paid out if the same children went to public schools.  The very same public schools, by the way, that everyone declares are failing.  We find out over and over again that throwing more money at a problem just doesn’t work.  The government typically responds by tinkering with regulation. read more

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Deplorable Me – How a Trump Supporter Reconciles The Donald

I am mostly a Republican, but through my ramblings you will find that I don’t entirely support all Republican rhetoric, especially when it comes to religion and a woman’s choice.  I guess that makes me part Libertarian, or maybe even Independent.  Unlike numerous thugocrats, er um, I mean democrats, I am trying to believe in and support Trump.  So I feel the need to address some issues so the dumbocrats, I mean Trump haters, can come to understand me and my kind.

First and foremost, you must understand that many deplorables, myself included, feel America has reached the brink of hypocrisy.  Major issues go on for decades with no fix, no cure.  Meanwhile, we watch politicians pander for votes, promise to pay everyone, and promise to solve everyone’s problems. . . . Then nothing but lather, rinse, repeat.  That is not the nation we are interested in.  Hilary Clinton represented the status quo, which would have meant more of the same bolshevik, only closer to the aforementioned brink. read more

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