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Sex, Toilets, and Vomit

That man is a sick and twisted gender is not new.  However, I am disturbed of late after watching some sex shows.  No, not porn, but shows about the recruiting of girls aged 18 and older, and the making of porn.  They are both legal.

I have learned some new words, including swirling, which involves shoving a young girl’s head into a toilet bowl and flushing it while doing the deed.  WTF!?

Do I really need to explain what the toilet is used for?  What in the heck are you people up to?

Another program I watched depicted women talking about being paid for fetish videos, including engaging in a very forceful oral act to the point of vomiting and then being made to lick said vomit.  How sexy. read more

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Bill O’Reilly – Gone, Baby, Gone?

Not even close.

I am sympathetic to the cause of sexual harassment, especially as more women come forward.  However, there is a serious lack of substance present.  I do believe Mr. O’Reilly might be a victim of unfortunate timing, as the Roger Ailes situation did warrant action.  Let’s review.

Bill O’Reilly likes to push buttons, but he is an equal opportunity button pusher.  His interviewing style is designed to get a rise out of his guests, no matter race or gender, to the greater amusement of the viewing American public who keeps claiming to be tired of political correctness. read more

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Why You Should Fear God: Because He Is Mean

I finally finished reading the tedium called the Bible.

I have learned that everything said in the Bible can be undone by a different passage elsewhere in the Bible, sometimes as close as a sentence or two away.

Rules in the New Testament pretty much say you no longer have to follow a lot of the rules of the Old Testament.  There is just more contradiction and confusion.  Many times you are forced to ask, why did He let that happen?  Sometimes He intervenes, and others times not, and then He blames the man.  From time to time, we all like to blame the man, but this case is different because He made the man. read more

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Trump Releases His Taxes – This Is Why America Needs A National Sales Tax

The dumbocrats are at it again.  They are wasting their time trying to get The Donald to release his tax returns.  I don’t know why he won’t but let’s say he did.

News Flash: Insanely rich man made an insane amount of money.  It’s shocking!  But the people just want something else to be angry about, namely an insanely rich man who probably didn’t pay as much taxes as they feel he should have.  How dare he take advantage of loopholes that we all wish we had.

Seriously, who doesn’t want to pay the government more in taxes?  I’m sure we all do.  Not! read more

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The 13th Amendment – Why We Need To Legalize Drugs

I was reading about drug wars on the Mexican American border and pondering about how to curb the problem.  Why wouldn’t a criminal from an impoverished nation want to bring drugs into the United States of America for a large profit?  For the same reason an underprivileged person sells drugs on the street.

Let’s say you are a young African American who lives in an impoverished neighborhood looking for a job.  If you are lucky enough to find and get a job, why wouldn’t you turn to illegal sales of drugs to earn that same paycheck in less than a day?  The constant presence of this temptation is not only unfair, but rather cruel. read more

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The Bible: The Good Book of Murder

I am going to write a book.  But first I need to do a lot of research, and that involves reading the Bible.  I have never read it page to page.  Twice in my life I started to read the Bible, but burned out in the first chapter on both occasions.

So far I am still in the Old Testament.  It is an incredible read.  We are not talking sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but rather incest and murder.

I am seriously wondering if this God is tricking people as the devil in disguise.  God is mean, evil, vindictive, murderous, controlling, and contradictory.  How is it that millions of people are able to reconcile his actions?  It gives a whole new feeling to the term “God-fearing people”.  You should fear him.  He is one cruel and twisted dude. read more

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