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Equal Rights – Men, How To Recoup Your Money From That Bad Date

It is still the norm in America for a man to pay for the date.  Well, here is a tale of a date gone badly, and the man, Brandon Vezmar, at the experienced aged of 37 wants his money back.  With high demand for equal rights, why shouldn’t all dates at least be dutch?  Isn’t that what the ladies want?

In America there is a big difference between courting a woman and taking a woman to court.

I really feel for the man in this situation.  First of all, he forked out four dollars for pizza, then purchased a movie ticket for Crystal Cruz, and she impolitely texted during the movie.  He only asked for his money back, and when she rudely refused, he was within his legal rights to threaten litigation to the tune of 17 dollars and some odd cents after the fact. read more

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Your Catholic Contribution Goes to Lawyers and Hush Money

We all know of the Catholic Church controversies.  They move priestly pedophiles around, and then lie to cover it up.

I recently watched The Keepers, a sick and twisted tale about 1960’s Baltimore Catholicism where a father was accused, multiple times of twisted deeds against young boys and girls.  It involved the police and even included the murder of a Nun.

In my honest opinion, it was a decent program, however I felt it could have been told in at least less than half the time.

Serious misgivings were afoot, and still are up to this day, regarding the conduct of the police department and the church with an astonishing loss of evidence and continued lies. read more

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Six Degrees of Separation from Trump to Dr. Seuss. Read on for clues. . .

The title I originally planned for this blog was going to be:  Trump: Not the Best Orator, But Who Was?  I’ll Tell You.

Having said that, I think Six Degrees is much more fun and I would love to see your detective work.

This fun Friday blog is indeed prompted by Trump’s pushing aside of Prime Minister Dusko Marvovic of Montenegro.  I didn’t even read the article.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s a Trump thing.  Personally, I believe we all would have enjoyed seeing the Prime Minister push back. read more

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Mass Murder in Manchester, UK – Ariana Grande Concert

I am angry.  No one likes mass murder, especially when it comes to kids.

I like to see the best of people who have come out in this tragedy: police officers, hospital and ambulance workers, people offering free rides and free hotel rooms.

It isn’t clear whodunit yet.

Who wants to go out with a bang like this?  All it does is serve the opposite of the intent.  If you want to kill in the name of God, then people don’t like your God, don’t like you, and don’t like “your kind.”  It only continues the fear of your religion and persecution of anyone deemed to follow the same religion. read more

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White Man Making Racist Comments Video

I happened upon said video recently of a guy cussing his brains out, making racial slurs and just being very inappropriate in general.  What a jerk.  I reposted it to my facebook.  When I went to enter a comment, I got a bad taste in my mouth because this is when I actually read the original comment posted with the video by Shaun King.

I was totally ok with, and actually agreed with Part 1: “Damn this is despicable. An AMERICAN man was simply speaking Spanish to his own mother, who is Puerto Rican, when he was overheard by this white man – who goes off on him for not speaking English and proceeds to call him racial slurs, toss trash at him, and more.” read more

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Your Baby Boy’s First Party – Penis Snip and Suck

After researching and watching videos on the “Bris” or the “Brit milah” I am more than disturbed.  What in the hell am I talking about?  The wrong rite of circumcision.

            Many religious folk refer to Genesis 17, Abraham and the Covenant of Circumcision, as a reason for performing a snippy snip on the male baby’s unit on his eighth day of life.  Luckily for the parents, no consent is needed on the part of the little guy because he is definitely underage.

            What’s more, the blood must be sucked from the infant’s penis after it has been cut.  That is a difficult statement to spit out without barfing.  But wait, there’s more. read more

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Bill Cosby – Victim of Rapist Society

Oops, I got that wrong.  Bill Cosby and family members are declaring that he is the victim of a racist society.   Yes, unbelievably, they are playing the black card.

Mr. Cosby was in hot water just by the sheer number of women that came forward.  But he threw himself into the boiling pot when he answered, too quickly, the question of whether he gave women pills with the intent to have sex with them.  He said yes.

Deposition Excerpts

A good move on Mr. Cosby’s part (for him) is his recent announcement that he won’t testify.  So why can’t he and his family members shut up altogether?  It is insulting to everyone including women AND the black community. read more

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Penis Talk – It Starts in The Bible

Men and women are obsessed with the penis.  Thousands of years obsessed.

I’m happy to announce that after having gathered my notes from penis reading in the Bible I have started my book!  Don’t worry – there will be lots of other fun stuff, facts, Americana, maybe some famous turn-of-the-century philosophies inspired by cocaine.

Penis talk begins in Genesis 17 with the verse title actually and factually, really called “Abraham and the Covenant of Circumcision.”  There is serious obsession and debate throughout the good book that even falls back on itself about whether or not one should be circumcised. read more

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Black or White? Paris Jackson – Who Dat Baby’s Daddy?

One of the top news items is about Paris Jackson.  Not to be confused with dumbo Paris Hilton.

Apparently she was offended that her father, Michael Jackson, was going to be played by a white actor, Joseph Fiennes.  Many of you young-uns might not recall that Michael Jackson was born black, but died white.

See for yourselves:

Paris Jackson spoke out about her father’s death being a conspiracy murder, but also claims she is indeed, black.  That didn’t work out very well for Rachel Dolezal who was the head of the NAACP until it was discovered that she is just a white woman who “identifies” as a black woman.  Do people feel the same level of insult as to Paris Jackson’s black claim? read more

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Beheadings in the Quran

About this book I’m going to write.  I decided that in addition to the Bible, I also better read the Quran.

Having no idea what I was in for, my preconceived notions told me it would be a brutal book about murder and revenge in the form of Jihad, and the horrible mistreatment of women.

I was wrong.  The Quran is no more brutal than the Bible.

The Quran was obviously written after the Bible as it goes over some of the same occurrences, and has a lot of the same themes.  In comparison, I found the Quran to be not as tedious a read, not as redundant, not as much of the beating of the dead horse.  This is probably due to the fact that it is much shorter than the Bible. read more

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