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Child Porn – Nevermind!

A lawsuit has been filed by Spencer Elden against Nirvana for using his baby picture with his wee willy winkle on the cover of the Nevermind album.  Good for him.  Child porn? Hell yeah it is.

Many will argue that it’s just a harmless baby picture.  We just can’t go down that road because, what’s next?  It’s okay to sell a t-shirt with a naked 2 year old?  Then what – age 3, age 4 . . .   It’s wrong.

There are way too many perverts out there, and this was a commercial project.  Mr. Elden was too young to even know what was going on, and his father shouldn’t have been allowed to consent for this illegal act. How this cover shot got by the CD rating system is beyond me. As for the poor judgment of the band, the record label, distributors, and any other powers-that-be is also beyond me.  I’m happy to hear that Mr. Elden is suing all of them, and then some. read more

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Penis Arrows

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