Bill O’Reilly – Gone, Baby, Gone?

Not even close.

I am sympathetic to the cause of sexual harassment, especially as more women come forward.  However, there is a serious lack of substance present.  I do believe Mr. O’Reilly might be a victim of unfortunate timing, as the Roger Ailes situation did warrant action.  Let’s review.

Bill O’Reilly likes to push buttons, but he is an equal opportunity button pusher.  His interviewing style is designed to get a rise out of his guests, no matter race or gender, to the greater amusement of the viewing American public who keeps claiming to be tired of political correctness.

Did Mr. O’Reilly harass and belittle men?  Yes and yes.  Where are those lawsuits?

The women’s righters showed up in protest against Fox News and Mr. O’Reilly, again as if there aren’t bigger causes to fight.

Ironically, Bill O’Reilly became a victim of political correctness and lost his job.  Many a woman is cheering about his demise and downfall.  It almost makes one feel sorry for the guy.  I hope he can eke by with his lovely parting gift of 25 million dollars.  But wait, he has already announced he will continue on, and now he is more famous than ever.  Great job, ladies.

In the meantime, this whole situation has caused me mental anguish.  I think I’m due a couple of million.  Anyone know a good attorney?

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