Black or White? Paris Jackson – Who Dat Baby’s Daddy?

One of the top news items is about Paris Jackson.  Not to be confused with dumbo Paris Hilton.

Apparently she was offended that her father, Michael Jackson, was going to be played by a white actor, Joseph Fiennes.  Many of you young-uns might not recall that Michael Jackson was born black, but died white.

See for yourselves:

Paris Jackson spoke out about her father’s death being a conspiracy murder, but also claims she is indeed, black.  That didn’t work out very well for Rachel Dolezal who was the head of the NAACP until it was discovered that she is just a white woman who “identifies” as a black woman.  Do people feel the same level of insult as to Paris Jackson’s black claim?

Yes, she is MJ’s daughter, bought and raised.  As far as DNA – I can’t prove it.  Maybe one day, instead of paparazzi lurking in bushes with cameras, they will lie in wait with swab sticks and science kits, grabbing thrown away drink containers to perform their own analysis.  As for actual visible features passed down by both parents, I’m gonna cry foul.

Therefore, when you make a statement about being black, I can’t move past that to also buy into the conspiracy murder theory.  It reminds me of the ditzy Paris Hilton who educated people on the importance of voting, but didn’t vote herself because she forgot to register.

Back to acting.  Who else could possibly play the role of the older white Michael Jackson?

Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Cuba Gooding Junior?  Hmmmmm. . .  Paint the face white, turn the nose into the size of that on a Japanese anime character, and reduce body mass to become a scrawny, white guy. .  . ?   I don’t see it.

If you can think of anyone that would be perfect for the part, please comment below.

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