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Go Dog Go!

Duane Lee Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter versus the United States FBI and the po po. Yes, I’m referring to the missing Brian Laundrie and the dead Gabby Petito. I’m secretly, actually overtly, rooting for the Dog.

The Dog is a good boy. His hair and duds are always a welcome flashback to the 1980’s.

I understand the Dog isn’t a one-man-show. But, his small team of people might be better suited to the Laundrie hunt than a big old government bureaucracy. The FBI has had some major screw-ups. On top of that, you’ve got numerous government agencies, overlapping jurisdictions, information slipping through the cracks, slow response times and poor policing.  All of them badged-up folks and special agent types, at a very critical point, didn’t know that Brian fricking Laundrie was no longer at his house.  The dude is gone!? Where was the surveillance? Hello, us Americans watch crime television, ya dipshits. read more

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Child Porn – Nevermind!

A lawsuit has been filed by Spencer Elden against Nirvana for using his baby picture with his wee willy winkle on the cover of the Nevermind album.  Good for him.  Child porn? Hell yeah it is.

Many will argue that it’s just a harmless baby picture.  We just can’t go down that road because, what’s next?  It’s okay to sell a t-shirt with a naked 2 year old?  Then what – age 3, age 4 . . .   It’s wrong.

There are way too many perverts out there, and this was a commercial project.  Mr. Elden was too young to even know what was going on, and his father shouldn’t have been allowed to consent for this illegal act. How this cover shot got by the CD rating system is beyond me. As for the poor judgment of the band, the record label, distributors, and any other powers-that-be is also beyond me.  I’m happy to hear that Mr. Elden is suing all of them, and then some. read more

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Penis Arrows

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The Disgusting Discharges of Dudes – Rules from the Bible!

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Can Christians support the Bible and the #MeToo Movement at the same time?

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No women or minorities allowed – just an old, rich, white guy… with dementia!

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Wilfred Knight explains how and why Americans hate each other!

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Captain Fantastic! Viggo Mortensen’s Penis Review

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Feminists, my bitches, why we need to keep the word “Bitch”

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G-String Attendee at King’s Poodle Party

The head of Thailand, King Maha Vajiralongkorn, elevated his lover to Chief Concubine status, only to strip her of that title a couple of days later. Headline news tells us he feels she hasn’t acted appropriately. Bringing a younger lover into the marriage wasn’t disrespectful to the queen, but rather the behavior of the shiny new toy.

Wait, what?

Ya gotta love a controlling leader who sluts it up and then blames a woman for being naughty.

From his first marriage to his first cousin, to his latest tryst with a lady young enough to be his granddaughter (the very recent formerly-known-as Royal Consort Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi), this king dude has been written to be a gambler and partying womanizer. read more

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