City of Gun Toting Americans

Gun control?  Let’s put it into a larger perspective.

I recently watched City of Ghosts.  This movie was so disturbing that I must do a couple of blogs about it.

First and foremost, be careful what you wish for.  The people in the town of Raqqa, Syria fought the regime only to have a new regime come in and take over.  ISIS.

This documentary shows people rolling into town wearing black masks, doing deplorable acts, and then enacting all sorts of ridiculousness to include no more hospitals, no more schools, and even no more satellite dishes since a group of residents was broadcasting the horrors online.

Guess which side had guns. . .

Imagine these uneducated, indoctrinated evil-doers rolling into any town in America.  They start executing your family members and friends and put the bodies on display with separate heads up on hooks as a warning for future dissidents.

Oh, hell no.

The right to bear arms was built almost as a first thought into our constitution as a means to protect ourselves from evil outside forces.  I would like to say the likes of which today couldn’t have been contemplated, except that they were.

Think about the history of man.  We are not nice people.

Having gun toting citizens definitely has a downside.  But would the likes of these ISIS wack jobs be able to roll up and take over any city or town in America?

No.  And there is a reason for it.

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