Corey Haim Tell All

Corey Haim, please, it is time to tell all.

I despise a pedophile.  I was molested at a young age myself.  #metoo

I can only try to put into words my feelings for child molesters:  Perverted, twisted, power whores, manipulating psychopaths, sick perpetrating beastards.

I relate to you.  I can sense the pure disgust in you, especially with regards to the fact that pedophiles, Hollywood predators or otherwise, are still conducting business as usual.  It sickens me that they continue on with success having no retribution, and no justice for their evils.

Being sexually tweaked at a young age is disturbing and confusing.  The abuser’s more aged brain effectively grooms and distorts reality in a child who perceives friendship, something that severely ticks you off even more as you grow older.  It is something the molested will never forget.

Corey Haim, as a taken-advantage-of child, I feel I have a vested interest in what you have to disclose.  Our abusers were surely different but certainly cut from the same cloth.

I don’t understand the whirlwind of events that brought about this recent turn on Hollywood abusers thereby bringing long standing issues to a head: established women and men speaking out, a hashtag here and there, some video footage.  No matter, it is happening and I say go with it.

Corey Haim has gone on record that he is willing to name names, just not yet.  Name them now, Corey.

Forget about being sued.  Gather names and statements from those in the know including friends, family, coworkers, etc.  Start posting them post haste.  If what really happened to you and Corey Feldman is true then people will come out of the woodwork with similar stories because a child molester never molests once.  These people are mass molesters and they must be stopped.

You can still proceed with your movie.  It will serve as a great warning to coming generations and their parents, and hopefully help change the industry.  Get rid of at least some of these sick perverts and let others see there is punishment.

But for right now, for some reason, the stars are aligned, the clouds have cleared, the sun has come out and now is the time to act.  I really hope you will.

Name those names!

Wilfred Knight

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