Dakota Pipeline – No! USA Doesn’t Want Jobs, We Would Rather Fund Terrorists

Oh the fresh smell of oil in the morning.  We love it… but wait, no, we hate it!  We love oil when it comes from other countries because we must protect our pristine lands, Indian country and otherwise.  Besides, a pipeline and its consequences might be responsible for the complete extinction of the 5 legged land toad.  I highly suggest we get numerous government agencies involved to examine this situation.

How could we Americans possibly want to rip through precious landscape and ruin the natural beauty of our own country?  It wouldn’t be worth the jobs.  We must, instead, support the degradation of the natural beauty of other countries, terrorist or otherwise, and continue to import and support our oil addiction.

NIMBY on America!  Let’s go with OPBY, as in Other People’s Back Yard.  There is nothing like voting for the right thing no matter that it ends up supporting the wrong thing.  We just can’t think that far ahead.  How could things possibly go wrong?

Guzzle up Americans, and don’t forget to fill your tank in between heated arguments. . .

Wilfred Knight

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