Deplorable Me – How a Trump Supporter Reconciles The Donald

I am mostly a Republican, but through my ramblings you will find that I don’t entirely support all Republican rhetoric, especially when it comes to religion and a woman’s choice.  I guess that makes me part Libertarian, or maybe even Independent.  Unlike numerous thugocrats, er um, I mean democrats, I am trying to believe in and support Trump.  So I feel the need to address some issues so the dumbocrats, I mean Trump haters, can come to understand me and my kind.

First and foremost, you must understand that many deplorables, myself included, feel America has reached the brink of hypocrisy.  Major issues go on for decades with no fix, no cure.  Meanwhile, we watch politicians pander for votes, promise to pay everyone, and promise to solve everyone’s problems. . . . Then nothing but lather, rinse, repeat.  That is not the nation we are interested in.  Hilary Clinton represented the status quo, which would have meant more of the same bolshevik, only closer to the aforementioned brink.

So how can we reconcile blatant accusations of the Donald?  Please review:

Trump as a masogynestic, chauvinist pig.  The pussy grabbing comment is peanuts compared to how men really talk, let alone think.  Women were shocked and dismayed.  Why?  That is how the male brain works.  It is not a Trump thing, a John Kennedy thing, a Bill Clinton thing, a John Edwards thing, or even an Arnold Schwarzenegger thing.  It is a man thing.  While not every man acts on his urges, the urges are still there.  I will give you that many men happen to have better brain-to-mouth filters.

Trump as a racist.  It is very, very easy to accuse this rich, white guy of racism and very un-easy for him to defend against it.  Unless and until we see video that strongly suggests the opposite I have to stick by Mr. Trump.  I don’t feel I have seen that video.  Let me give an example of how easy it is to be labeled.  Here is a rich, white woman who was angrily speaking out against Trump.  Her comment came out terribly wrong and she directly offended women and Latinos.  Ironically, just like Trump, she got angry when she saw her own words could be used against her.  What a hypocrat!  Is Kelly Osbourne a mysogenistic rascist?  She can disagree all she wants, but footage shows otherwise.  Now, perhaps she knows how Trump feels.  Please appreciate the irony in this.

Trump as a xenophobe.  Trump is married to an immigrant.  For some reason that doesn’t count because she is a beautiful woman and he is getting some.  So let’s try this:  Trump loves immigrants – he hires them all the time.

Trump hits below the belt.  Yes he does, and good for him.  Didn’t everyone say they were tired of political correctness?  Politicians are so careful with their speech so as not to insult a 5 legged toad that they can scarcely answer a question.  It’s annoying.  In any event, who do you want running our country:  A sissy boy who can’t answer questions, or the schoolyard bully?  I’ll take the latter.

America is a business, and business is bad.  So, we voted for a businessman.

Nuff said.  Now you know.

Wilfred Knight


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