Display of Hatred, Bigotry, and Violence on Many Sides

Regarding the Charlottesville black and white protest, murder included . . . I just can’t get over the backlash to President Trump’s words.  This isn’t one-sided.  There is, was, and will always be violence on both sides.

For some reason, the liberal media reporting always plays up the minority plight.  I don’t un-sympathize. But, I didn’t see interviews or arrests of black people who were wielding bats and illegally wearing face masks, ironically dressed in black, just the opposite of the KKK white.  Even the crazy white supremacists pointed this out.  Good work in making their case in point.

What really happened?  A white guy killed a white girl who was on the opposite side of the fence.

Who do we blame?  Donald Trump, of course.

He was there when people of all races and countries, including black people, sold people of all races and colors into slavery.  He was there during the Civil War which history has rewritten to be only and entirely about slavery.

Wikipedia History of Slavery

For some reason, the election of Donald Trump has become an excuse to bash the white man.

Now we move on to demolishing every bit of southern artifact and Trump got slammed for asking where it might end.  This was seen as white supremacy but the question remains unanswered.

When and where will it end?

Maybe we should just kill off whitey.

I don’t see the uprise of white supremacy.  I am witnessing a severe backlash to a perceived white supremacist movement, which really isn’t there.  Neo-Nazi skinheads sit around and drink alcohol, bitch and gripe about minorities ruining the nation, and then tattoo themselves to the point of unemployability as the losers that they are.  But there is another side.  Videos aplenty circulate of certain minority thugocrats physically abusing whitey and looting in the name of color.  It reeks of similarity.

To better understand one half of the nation who voted for the Donald, who is indeed struggling, there was a great disgust with political correctness, hence his victory.  When this half of the nation watches these goings-on, it only strengthens the cause, and apparently for the other half of the nation, it deepens the divide.

In any event, we should all be careful.  The American Indians are watching.  Or did we forget about them?

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