Equal Rights – Men, How To Recoup Your Money From That Bad Date

It is still the norm in America for a man to pay for the date.  Well, here is a tale of a date gone badly, and the man, Brandon Vezmar, at the experienced aged of 37 wants his money back.  With high demand for equal rights, why shouldn’t all dates at least be dutch?  Isn’t that what the ladies want?


In America there is a big difference between courting a woman and taking a woman to court.

I really feel for the man in this situation.  First of all, he forked out four dollars for pizza, then purchased a movie ticket for Crystal Cruz, and she impolitely texted during the movie.  He only asked for his money back, and when she rudely refused, he was within his legal rights to threaten litigation to the tune of 17 dollars and some odd cents after the fact.

Seriously, this poor man is out of pocket, suffered mental anguish, anxiety, probably needs counseling and/or medication. . . don’t forget court filing fees which would certainly cost more than 17 bucks, attorney fees, time off work for litigation. . . I’m all for it.  He could probably go all the way to a jury settlement and get 1.2 million for that bad date.  He is selling himself short.  After all, he is most certainly a great catch.

Come on ladies – This man went all out.  Where is the respect?  He spent $17.00 dollars for the movie ticket and $4.00 for pizza.  He only wants $17.31 back.  Some quick math shows that. . . well you can’t quite get from point A to point B, perhaps there was a non mentioned drink involved, some sales tax. . .  In any event I trust his calculations down to the penny. I’m sure he is probably even being the better man by suing for a lesser amount than he actually spent.

I would like to have a heart to heart with said man, that I feel his pain, but that perhaps he saved quite the sum.  He and the lady could have become married, had children, and gone through a bad divorce with palimony, alimony, and yes again attorney’s fees to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars.

He really dodged a bullet.  I’m quite sure his lady date wasn’t texting her friends about the creepy, cheap-ass dude she was seated next to in the movie theater, and how to get out of the date short of walking out.  Oh, wait, she did walk out.

             Imagine that!  Oh. . . er . . . um . . . how rude.

On behalf of all men, I am proud to say, “Way to represent, Bro!”  Maybe next time, up your game, try 20 bucks.


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