G-String Attendee at King’s Poodle Party

The head of Thailand, King Maha Vajiralongkorn, elevated his lover to Chief Concubine status, only to strip her of that title a couple of days later. Headline news tells us he feels she hasn’t acted appropriately. Bringing a younger lover into the marriage wasn’t disrespectful to the queen, but rather the behavior of the shiny new toy.

Wait, what?

Ya gotta love a controlling leader who sluts it up and then blames a woman for being naughty.

From his first marriage to his first cousin, to his latest tryst with a lady young enough to be his granddaughter (the very recent formerly-known-as Royal Consort Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi), this king dude has been written to be a gambler and partying womanizer.

Yet, in Thailand it is illegal to speak out against the monarch. We mustn’t make fun of such a king, even though he has perfected the art of tabloid fodder. Suffice to say, my Wikipedia bio doesn’t reference a leaked video of a woman clad only in a G-string attending my palatial poodle party. That is, Princess Srirasmi Suwadee, now one of many dethroned exes, and yes, a real birthday party for the royal pooch.

Americans understand the monarchy system to be a historical line of inbreeding that continues to be a silly soap opera. We also have issues with powerful men behaving badly, but we revel in tearing them apart, if only verbally. Thailand’s hold on free press and criticism of the kingdom is keeping that entire country from laughing out loud.

#kingsbehavingbadly or #kingsgonewild ?

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