I’m Too Sexy For My Golf – What Not To Wear

So the Ladies Professional Golf Association has decided against women wearing hot clothing.  No plunging necklines.  No leggings unless under a skort or shorts. . .  Must not be able to see the “bottom area” at any time standing or bent over.

WTF!  First of all, who doesn’t want to see a hot woman bent over?  I would also postulate that it is impossible not to see someone’s “bottom area” when they are bent over, man or woman, hot or not.

Has anyone watched women’s tennis lately?  Gymnastics?  Ice skating?  Swimming?  Cheerleading?  All of those beautiful, athletic bodies in revealing costumes . . . It’s disgusting!

Another case in point.  Ballet.

We watch and appreciate a woman’s body as she floats around on stage with a man, playing up love and romance during classical music.  It’s straight up porn.  The man’s package is full front and center, perfectly and symmetrically positioned.  It’s uncomfortable and inappropriate.  You almost feel like the little guy is staring at you, as if you should reach out your hand and introduce yourself.  He is just too hot.

Should the dress code be changed?  Absolutely!  From now on, no matter the sport, burkas for everybody.

All games aside, I am always available to help the ladies, and as such, I have the perfect solution. The sport of killing two birds with one stone.

We all know that women are literally on the sidelines as they watch their male counterparts rack up multi-million dollar sponsorship contracts selling (ironically) underwear and other items you can wear.

These women need national exposure.  Don’t take away their sex card.

You, professional lady golfer, hit the interwebs.  Go to one of those make-your-own-T-shirt sites.  Buy a polo style shirt and long pants and make sure you cover yourself fully, more than fully, but have a bikini printed on these items.  I can all but guarantee you will make the national news at the next tourney.

I’ll be watching.

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