Jim Carrey and His Cathartic Art Shames Christians & Women

I didn’t know Jim Carrey was a painter.

He is in hot water, for what I’m not quite sure.  He made a beautiful woman unbeautiful, and he used the word, “Christian.”  Both are big no-no’s in today’s hypocritical America.

Jim Carrey painted Press Secretary Sarah Sanders as an unattractive woman, a #metoo shame for sure, but any and all political caricatures are unflattering.  He seemed genuinely offended with his comments calling her a “so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked.”  She or her acts were deemed, “Monstrous!”

First of all, being a politician is synonymous with not telling the truth.  The job Ms. Sanders holds is indeed a monstrous position with lying incorporated into the job description.  Did Mr. Carrey just wake up during this presidency?  Hasn’t he seen numerous other people handle this role under other presidents, Democrats and Republicans alike?

We tolerate lying politicians but for some reason we won’t tolerate religion shaming.  Most politicians call themselves Christians, so this loop does not add up.  No matter, haters gonna hate.

What will the fallout be for Jim Carrey, the famous actor, the hypocrite, the elite Hollywood liberal, and now famous painter?  Will he be labeled a woman shamer, a religious bigot?

I’m not sure, but I’ll bet the price of his paintings just went up.

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