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Joy Behar of The View is in hot water for mocking Mike Pence about hearing from Jesus.

The entire fuss started with Omarosa, famed Celebrity Apprentice contestant and former White House staffer who seemed deathly afraid of Mike Pence’s strong religious beliefs.  If he believes Jesus is telling him to say things, yeah, that scares me, too.

Joy took this information and declared that it is okay to talk to Jesus, but if one hears back he is mentally ill.  Not an unsound argument.

Atheists such as myself would further argue one is not dealing with a full deck of cards if one speaks to a dead dude on a daily basis.

As with children, it is one thing to have an imaginary friend, but when said child reports what the friend is saying it is difficult to tell if the line has been crossed from making believe to schizophrenia.  When people are adults, and this friend is Jesus or God, things are viewed quite differently.

With respect to other’s opinions and faiths, if people are speaking to the spirits, it isn’t a far stretch for them to believe they occasionally hear something back.

Do I think Ms. Behar is the sharpest tool in the shed?  No.  Do we need to demand an apology, email, call, and boycott?  No.  She is a talk show host, a comedian.  If you were so offended at her words and threw a stone in her direction, then you are a hypocritical and angry Jesus lover.

Please check yourself, and your bible.

Wilfred Knight

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