Colin Kaepernick Throws Himself Into Whiny Bitch Category

Colin Kaepernick has thrown himself into the whiny bitch category.  He is suing NFL owners for collusion.


No, I’m pretty sure each individual team owner can individually come up with their own decision that there is a backlash going on which affects the finances of their team, which is a business.  Yes, Colin, this is a money making enterprise and no one wants to take a chance on an idiot who affects the bottom line.

Who takes a knee at any business meeting, anywhere?  That’s your job at stake.  Did Colin forget this was a job?  This isn’t the place, fool.  I’d like to think he learned a lesson the hard way, but he still hasn’t learned squat.

Does Colin think, now more than ever, that he will get a job?  There is widespread proof of his poorly thought out knee bending, booing included, that can be and should be entered as evidence into any lawsuit.

Mr. Kaepernick, your knee bending antics certainly hurt your ability to get a job, let alone some sort of sponsorship, but this lawsuit puts any future possibility in the NFL to rest.  You better save your attorney dollars, boy.  You are only throwing good money after stupid.

What you should have done was get down on both knees and pray for forgiveness.

Oops, too late now.

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