Ladies – The Rape was Your Fault

Did you go out after 8 or 9 pm?  Well then, you deserved it.

Didn’t you know that it is a man’s right to have fun?

If you are a man, you will probably become angry.  If you are a woman, you will become SUPER angry.  Watch “India’s Daughter” by director Leslee Udwin.

Indias Daughter (Documentary)

This documentary makes America’s women’s rights issues look tame compared to the sickening crap I heard coming from the mouths of men.  The average man, the rapists, the defense lawyers and even men in political office said some seriously disturbing shit.

Statements that will make your jaw drop and twist your stomach.

In India and Africa (and other countries) there is no shame in raping, but shame to the lady AND her family in being raped.  Wait, what?  Bass ackwords, people.

Yes, even this documentary pissed me off.  How can man born of mother not respect the female gender?  Why the lack of translation from mother to other female family members and friends?  I reminisce of Bow Wow.

               To the women of the world:  I would like to report that there are many good men who don’t go looking for a lovely little gang rape on Friday night with their buddies to include a rusty tire iron and pulling entrails back down through the vagina.

To the youth of India:  May both men and women carry on with protesting until you successfully change the stigma of rape to fall on the man’s side.  It is certainly not the woman’s fault.  In fact, it is not anyone’s fault but your own that you can’t conduct yourself and your penis in a respectful manner.

Yes, I glibly blog about American women’s righters and dumbocrats who protest the presidential outcome, riot like babies, and gripe about undisclosed tax returns.  This type of documentary is why.  It really puts things in perspective.  Perhaps our good people could refocus their energy on some of the more serious filth that happens here in our country:  Sex slavery, rape, sexual violence, domestic abuse, stalking. . .   all of which is more sickening when it involves OUR children.

So, protest away.  But, make it count.  Nip those bastards in the balls.

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