Las Vegas Shootings: Race, Politics, Religion and Anger

The stages of grief: Anger, denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

I want to lash out in anger, but where?

I’m angry about people politicizing the issue.  Democrats are blaming Republicans and making unbelievably incendiary comments that are painfully hypocritical.  I could go on and on and make some great points specifically to the likes of Hayley Geftman-Gold who is now fired.  But I really have one thing to say, because I’m angry.

F**k you and your kind.

I am also angry with the insane shooter.  I want revenge and justice, both of which can’t be found with a dead guy.

I am also angry with religious people coming forth with prayer, because as an atheist I understand that followers of God should understand that if their beliefs are true, not only could God have prevented this, but since he works in mysterious ways, he actually knew about, permitted or even caused this to happen for some ungodly reason with unknown cruel lessons to be learned.

I don’t even care to know why from the murderer’s or Gods’ standpoint, because there isn’t an explanation that would acceptably explain this action.

This desperate situation was handled fairly quickly.  Being prepared to respond more rapidly with lethal force is fortunately and unfortunately a learned reaction.  It makes me angry that we have had to learn the hard way how to deal swiftly with these critical situations.

The only thing that hasn’t made me angry was seeing the upside to humanity:  people helping others, people standing in long lines at blood banks, and people donating money to help the victims and their families.

But, it makes me angry that we only get to see this upside after a downside.

So, I’m still in a funk.

Anyone can play the blame game with race, politics or religion.  People have been killing people for thousands of years.  Sadly, and in concordance with the stages of grief, I am coming to realize and accept that this is simply the nature of man.

That makes the anger pill hard to swallow.

My condolences go out to all the victims, including their families and friends.

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