Little Adolf’s Swastika Binky

This news item was pure comedy. Three people have been convicted for their membership in a Neo-Nazi white supremacy group. Two of them had a child together and named the kid “Adolf” after their revered idol.

Proud father, Adam Thomas, has the right white name, with blue eyes to match. The mother, Claudia Patatas, might only be able to pass the white trash test.

Next we learn of a fourteen year age gap. Perhaps someone has taken advantage of someone else. Thomas, age 22, who has a quick eye for determining who has the white right, versus Patatas, age 38, who has the ability to make a man turn a blind eye.

A cookie cutter in the shape of a swastika was discovered and entered as evidence. This clue suggests the young man became smitten with the motherly-type, who could make and brand his favorite type of cookie.

Prison time wasn’t mentioned. As for now, the happy couple can only look forward to a time when little Adolf can proudly suck on his swastika binky in a kitchen filled with the fresh aroma of Nazi cookies, half-baked.

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