My Sex Tapes Are Available Online

Sex in the Name of God by Wilfred Knight

Hopefully this is the closest I will ever come to having this type of footage available online. My book, Sex in the Name of God, is complete and available for purchase.

After looking into some options, I felt an explainer video was needed. People need to understand this book covers real bible passages in a humorous fashion, because scripture is often ridiculous when it comes to the subject of sex and human relations.

Off to a cheapo website I went looking for entrepreneurs. After contacting a few folks who said, oh hell no, I posted an inquiry. Out of the responses, I purchased several, knowing full well my money might go down the toilet.

I was kind enough to present a full disclosure of the nature of American phrases for what I wanted to be presented in a literal fashion.  Jesus popping a boner (blowing up a balloon in the shape of a bone and popping it), Jesus choking the chicken (one hand around a chicken) and Jesus beating the meat (a steak and a hammer).

In response, I encountered language barriers and angry people.  People backed out, and a few angrily condemned me to hell. It seems that religious people don’t have a sense of humor. One person actually wrote my explanation of the video into the video, and another came up with a major family disaster as to why it couldn’t be done at the last second. Yeah, it was on purpose because the refund still deducts five bucks from purchasing the service. Ha, ha, the joke’s on me.

Back to this time-tested truism: If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

There I was spending days and nights on a steep learning curve, searching for public domain images and sounds clips, frustrated over computer slow-downs and lock-ups, and trying to make everything blend together beautifully.

I ended up enjoying the creative process and made a few videos which are intended to give potential readers insight into true-to-the-bible events which are depicted in my book, with more than a hint at the humor they are in for.

My artistry skills obviously improved between the first project and the third.

Here is the first:


Just remember that when it comes to videos, the book is always better.

Wilfred Knight

Author of Sex in the Name of God

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