Pain in the Butt

Here’s a funny.


There I was surrounded by Indians, um no, there I was Facebooking when I received a fascinating message.  A woman stumbled across my page and wants to know if I would be interested in . . .

A customized butt plug.  WTF!?

She even sent me a picture of what this sex toy would look like, with the cover of my book on it.

At that point, I couldn’t possibly have any use for a butt toy, because I laughed my ass off.

After looking at the website she listed, something about Go F yourself, I then thought she was angry and was insulting me as any decent internet troll would.

When my snorting with amusement finally tapered down, I decided to get to the bottom of things. She actually had quite the internet presence, including YouTube videos about said anal toys.  Fidget spinning, customizable, glowing items with Jesus, yes Jesus Christ, on them.  And I thought my book was controversial.  A second look revealed that one video had over SEVEN THOUSAND views!! Apparently “controversial” has been taken to a hole new level.

An enticing proposition?

I told her I appreciated her entrepreneurial spirit, but life is full of pitfalls, and I don’t need a new pain in the ass.

As for the rest of you, have at it.


Thanks again for the chuckle.

Wilfred Knight

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