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I got hooked on the 4 episode special entitled “Lorena” by Jordan Peele. Lorena Bobbitt is the lady famously known for cutting off the penis of her husband, John Wayne Bobbitt. The tossed out pecker was later found and surgically reattached.

What followed was a media frenzy, court cases, mud-slinging, and literal freak shows.

Mrs. Bobbitt claimed she was an abused woman, repeatedly hit and raped. Mr. Bobbitt said nothing doing. This he-said, she-said situation polarized the nation along gender and ethnic lines as Lorena is from Venezuela, and John is a white-bred, white bread American.

Spoiler Alert!

John Bobbitt’s trial occurred first. For some reason, only testimony regarding the cutting event and the previous five days were allowed. Mr. Bobbitt was acquitted, and the facts seemed to support this.

Lorena’s trial came next and was televised. More extensive testimony led to a not guilty finding, which the facts also seemed to support. John Bobbitt looked really bad on the stand, including not remembering police visits to the home for domestic violence. Lorena Bobbitt looked equally bad for not remembering anything after picking up the kitchen knife, including the actual act of severance. Since Mrs. Bobbitt’s defense involved a type of insanity plea specific to the state of Virginia having to do with impulse control, she was remanded to a psychiatric hospital. She served 45 days and was free.

Of note is Lorena Bobbitt was offered a plea deal before trial for 4 months of jail in lieu of the 20 years prison time she would face if found guilty. This bold rejection was motivated by her understanding that a felony conviction would involve deportation.

Numerous people in the documentary stated that John was a dimwit who couldn’t hold a job for longer than a few weeks. As such, it was quite fitting that John went on to enjoy a strange celebrity status which allowed for short gigs with good pay-offs to include an odd association with men’s rights groups and Howard Stern. At one point, he became a preacher and legally performed marriage ceremonies in Las Vegas.

Lorena Bobbitt moved on to selling the television rights for her story, and she claims she was taken advantage of financially.

John Bobbitt continued his serious trip down the rabbit hole. He developed a relationship with the Bunny Ranch, a brothel in Nevada, where he served as a host, a bartender, and a limousine driver, purportedly incompetent in all positions.

Next up was the porn industry. He starred in a film called “John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut.” This was a top grossing film. A consequently brilliant decision was to have . . . dumb roll please . . . penis surgery to make his unit longer with more girth. Bobbitt and his future penile enhancement surgeon, Dr. Mel Rosenstein, were interviewed on a Howard Stern show where Bobbitt revealed his reasoning and confidence in said doctor after extensive research.

The documentary shows a snippet of the actual penis surgery in a film named “Frankenpenis.” It seems that Mr. Bobbitt should have asked for cash up front, as he was also taken advantage of financially by the good people in the porn industry.

A subsequent interview with Howard Stern revealed Bobbitt regretted his newly botched penis job and his lack of knowledge of lawsuits against his pecker doctor, who ended up having his license revoked.

After finishing all 4 episodes I immediately went to the internet. I had to see this man’s penis. Don’t judge; I’m certainly not the only person to be curious.

I couldn’t find the film, but I did find footage of Mr. Bobbitt in Frankenpenis with three smoking hot women. There was oral sex, and yes, he could get an erection. As for actual penetration, the typical in-and-out porn presentation of the rock-hard stiffy with bulging veins was not present. There was only an inch or so of movement because pushing rope is an understatement. Mr. Bobbitt was pushing a fatty, gelatinous blob with an obvious reattachment scar.

Think twice folks, as you can’t unsee this.

Back to the ending of the documentary: John Wayne Bobbitt continued to rack up subsequent domestic abuse charges involving other women, including jail time. He still denies all charges. However, this man who had his penis chopped off in 1993, continued to mail apologetic letters to ex-wife cutter Lorena Bobbitt in hopes of reconciliation at least up until 2009. Mr. Bobbitt proposed that they could make a lot of money together from interviews and photographs, especially if they had a child.

Even after all the weirdness, it was at this point that I realized this guy is freaking mental.

Lorena was said to have gone back to school, degree and current profession goes unsaid, but she continues to support local women’s shelters. It wasn’t stated what John is up to.

The question remains whether Lorena Bobbitt was justifiable in disarming John Bobbitt of his most dangerous weapon. Ironically, poetic justice shines as there couldn’t be a better combination between social Darwinism and karma to render Mr. Bobbitt’s penis into a self-induced blob.

Wilfred Knight gives Lorena Documentary 8/10 stars

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