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The Discovery series I Am Jazz about Jazz Jennings, who was born as a boy but identifies as a girl, is quite fascinating and very revealing to the point of having an explicit content disclaimer even though footage comes directly from the mouth of this teenaged transgender.

Imagine going through puberty, awkward as it is, and then having to deal with everyone constantly asking about your sexuality and genitals.

Jazz is trying to transition to being a full blown, sexually functional woman with parts to match.

For men who cry at the thought of ball pain, try watching this video of male to female surgery without cringing:

Penis to Vagina Surgery

What would Freud say?  This entire concept screams against his cocaine induced position of penis envy.

As if this isn’t hard enough to deal with, I don’t quite understand the lack of Jazz’s understanding of which gender she is drawn to.  But then, you have to factor in estrogen.

This is a whole new wave of transgender.  For the male to female, boys have been taking estrogen since an age young enough to subvert the secondary sexual characteristics including facial hair, Adam’s apple and what has become an unforeseen issue is penis size.

Jazz begins to explore “bottom surgery” as she interviews surgeons and finds out the confusing possibilities mostly include that her penis hasn’t attained the growth needed due to estrogen to turn it inside out for a vagina.

But then, we learn this teenage girl, through her own confession, has never had an orgasm.   Whaaaattt?  It’s like saying you have never sneezed.  Even one of her potential transgender-surgeons-to-be was shocked and stated she could write a prescription for that.

What’s the deal?  Estrogen reduces anger, but apparently also reduces sex drive and penile growth.

Is orgasm even possible?

Does the stunted growth of penis and testicles keep this young lady from even having the ability to achieve orgasm as she is operating with a prepubescent form of male parts?

Typically speaking, everyone knows what is going on, and on, and on, with teenage boys – to the point that anyone can notice which hand is dominant according to visible perception of muscle mass from one arm to the other.  Yes, I said it.  Females probably never even knew to look for this.

In the case of Jazz, upon consultations with four surgeons, one half blind (oh hell no!), and two transgender, her possibilities were confusing.  Two said her vagina could be made from penile and colon tissue to include what was said would be a bad smell for some time.  Another stated there was enough penile skin to attempt said surgery if done in two parts.  The fourth surgeon and her choice was to make a vagina out of penile and abdominal skin.

Wow – how did people come up with penis to vagina with surgery and what were the results of the initial attempts?

Since Jazz is uncertain of her sexuality, I would recommend the colon and penis to vagina surgery.  It would be like killing two birds with one stone.  If your sexuality is still up in the air, why not keep your options open.  You can experience sex not only as a lady with a vagina, but with a hint of colon.

There are none too many who can say the same.

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