President Trump Protects Americans – How Dare Him!

Donald Trump is doing his job to the horror of some Americans.  The refugee ban.  The masses have taken to calling it a muslim ban.  But is it really entirely a religious thing?  I suggest that it is much more than that.  The American public should be concerned about several major issues.

Vetting Extremists.  Many Americans have as much faith in the vetting system as they do in the Veteran’s Administration and the United States Postal Service.  Past immigrants have been allowed to travel to and from the very country they claimed to be fleeing from.  Why isn’t it that hard to see that ISIS would certainly want to take advantage of a refugee loophole to get extremists into America?

Population Control.  Deplorables and others already resent the influx of hundreds of thousands of people, even if there were no issues whatsoever.  A good counter argument to allowing x amount of people in would be why not allow ten, or one hundred times as many immigrants into the country?  There has to be a breaking point.  Do we really want to become a nation of two parents, one child?

Taxpayer money.  The recently trending video regarding the growing Arabic community in Dearborn, Michigan, is disturbing.  A lot of the Arabic businesses were openly advertising the acceptance of EBT cards and there was talk of rich men with numerous wives with Medicaid cards, WIC benefits, EBT, etc.  Remember, since only the first wife is legal, the next wives get to claim single mother status with an increased welfare take for each additional child.  One would think that incoming refugees have nothing.  No matter whether richer immigrants are taking advantage, or poor refugees need the help, the end result is the same.  America doesn’t need more people on the dole.

Women’s Rights.  Did anyone notice any burka wearing women also sporting a pussyhat in the recent Women’s March on Washington?  Are these women even “allowed” to work?  It is said over and over again that the full head to toe dress, or even just covering of the hair is a choice made by each woman.  I have to agree.  These women choose not to be killed in the name of honor, not to be stoned to death, not to have acid thrown in their faces, and not to be parentally alienated from their children after being ousted from the family.  How does this further the cause of so many women, American and otherwise, who have worked long and hard for equal rights?

Integration.  I understand why immigrants would want to stick together in a new, strange land.   However, will they eventually integrate?  Will their children be allowed to mingle with American children outside of school, including those with different religious beliefs, or marry women who wear pants and show their hair?  I don’t believe that history proves that to be true in a lot of various immigrant communities.

To the anti-burka law abiding immigrants who aren’t terrorists, that chose to integrate and who aren’t on the dole:  I apologize, but it is the same, old story of a few rotten apples . . .   American already has self segregated factions of people who practice religion a certain way, ban outsiders, shun their own immediate family members who go against the grain, wear oppressive clothing, ignore age of consent laws, have too many wives and too many children, many of whom are also on the dole.  Can’t say that is working out well.

Someone finally took a stand and said we can’t afford this in more ways than one.  And that someone is The Donald Trump.  While you all are out there ranting and raving, please review these points.  It may scare you to know that many of your fellow voters are thankful, and would even like to see the immigrant ban taken up a notch.

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