Russians Hacking Emails and Rigging the American Election – Clinton’s Poetic Justice

I am downright tired about hearing how the Russians hacked our election.  As if accusations of rape and pussy grabbing didn’t turn the tide, it turns out it was all about the email, ‘bout the email, ‘bout the email.  No trouble.

Apparently you can get away with breaching national security with email usage, deleting email, not turning over email, and even make a good run for the presidency amongst said email debacle.  But, hacking into legitimate emails of the democrat’s election game plan, and making them available to the public turns out to be very off limits.  Who doesn’t appreciate the poetic justice here?

So on to repercussions.  Obama decided by executive order to throw out Russian diplomats and impose sanctions due to email hacking.  Hillary Clinton was penalized and forced to, oh, um, nothing.  Except now that she has lost the election someone must be to blame, even though she won the popular vote.

All we hear are headlines of hack, hack, hack, and Russia rigged our election.  The way the news is reporting makes it sound as if Russia hacked into voting machines and physically changed votes from Clinton to Trump.  I’m sure many silly Americans actually believe this to be the case.  What we need to understand is that hacked means leaked.

For all of you “regretters” who now feel duped into having voted for Trump, please speak up.  What made you switch and why?  Let’s figure this out.  You had new information that made you change your mind.  Now, you learn there was ill intent behind your having access to this information.  Given the chance, would you go back and change your vote?  Do tell.

In any event, the election is said and done, and we can only move forward.  Very unappreciated is Obama’s last actions of kicking sand in the face of not only Putin, but Trump.  Thanks for the smooth transition.  It rather reeks of a childish last rant of, “Neener, neener, neener.”

Thank goodness for twitter.  Trump has already had his say, but I would loved to have seen The Donald post something more along the lines of:  Thanks @PutinRF_Eng for leaking democrats’ email & rigging U.S. election, look forward to speaking with you soon.

Chew on that. . .

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