Scott Peterson and Fake News

I was a little late in watching 2017’s The Murder of Laci Peterson. This is an interesting series about Scott Peterson and his conviction for the murder of his pregnant wife in 2002. The program raises serious issues.

I do recall the sensational media storm of this trial, and in retrospect I feel kind of duped by the whole 24/7 news thing. Uncomfortably, I must admit this was not outside my own fault.

My generation was the first to appreciate all-day-long news coverage. This does not seem to fly with younger folks nowadays, and for good reason.

Constant reporting leads to speculation, conjecture, opinion, gossip, and misinformation. When one has to keep talking, and there is nothing more to report, a lot of stupid stuff is said.

Perhaps Scott peed himself in preschool which led to a lifelong disdain by his mother, which severed the typical parental-child bond, and eventually resulted in murder, we don’t know. Maybe he accidentally squirted mustard in his eye at age four, which caused a harsh distrust of the world, and sociopathic behavior ensued, not sure, just saying.

Such tabloid journalism was, and is on supposedly credible networks. Yet, there is never accountability for the media’s hand in affecting an outcome, even though there is a disastrous toll on the people involved.

Of course I have to question the source of any television program. However, the highly coincidental burglary directly across the street from the Peterson home on the day Laci disappeared is quite suspicious. The police admission that they believed the burglary took place two days later makes them look more than foolish. But the real clincher for reasonable doubt is the credible timeline of numerous witnesses who claim they saw Laci walking her dog during the time she was supposed to be drop-cloth dead in the back of Scott’s truck.

Dare I say that Scott Peterson was convicted and put on death row, not for murdering Laci, but for being a cheating asshole.

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