Sex, Toilets, and Vomit

That man is a sick and twisted gender is not new.  However, I am disturbed of late after watching some sex shows.  No, not porn, but shows about the recruiting of girls aged 18 and older, and the making of porn.  They are both legal.

I have learned some new words, including swirling, which involves shoving a young girl’s head into a toilet bowl and flushing it while doing the deed.  WTF!?

Do I really need to explain what the toilet is used for?  What in the heck are you people up to?

Another program I watched depicted women talking about being paid for fetish videos, including engaging in a very forceful oral act to the point of vomiting and then being made to lick said vomit.  How sexy.

What freak gets turned on by this crap?

One of the paid male talents being directed (at least with the woman’s permission) to perform a “fishhook” (insert finger into mouth and pull back hard at cheek), force her head into pillow, grab throat, pull hair. . .  even he said he was concerned about teenage boys watching this sort of thing and thinking you can do this to women, when in reality you can’t, you shouldn’t.  No, no.  Won’t go over well, isn’t sexy, isn’t romantic, certainly isn’t conducive to another date or encounter, might have legal repercussions, need I go on?

So I got to wondering.  Back in the day there was talk of donkey shows in Asia.  Who doesn’t enjoy a little farm porn on the side?  Not my idea of a fun Friday night, but you have to admit to the freak show aspect.

With this in mind, it makes one wonder:  Is this what the new porn market dictates?  Has sex changed so much that young men get turned on by viewing forceful sex acts that involve toilets and vomit?  I just can’t cope with that hypothesis.  I gotta go with the freak show theory.

I hope I’m not wrong.

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