Six Degrees of Separation from Trump to Dr. Seuss. Read on for clues. . .

The title I originally planned for this blog was going to be:  Trump: Not the Best Orator, But Who Was?  I’ll Tell You.

Having said that, I think Six Degrees is much more fun and I would love to see your detective work.

This fun Friday blog is indeed prompted by Trump’s pushing aside of Prime Minister Dusko Marvovic of Montenegro.  I didn’t even read the article.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s a Trump thing.  Personally, I believe we all would have enjoyed seeing the Prime Minister push back.

However, after listening to some footage of Trump’s speech during his recent Mid-East trip I got to thinking about great orators.  While Trump fumbled and bumbled, and droned on, I thought . . . this man is not a great orator, not even close.

A great orator can move the people, tap into emotions, uplift spirits.  Make you feel good, even great.  Make the impossible seem possible.  A great orator can sell you a solar powered weather vane.

Did Trump do this?  Yes, and it worked on about half of the population simply by tapping into the angry American vein of America.  That still doesn’t make him a great orator.

Therefore, I would like to point an American finger towards one of the greatest orators our country has ever produced.  Maybe you have heard of him. . .

Jesse Jackson.

He ran for the democratic presidential nomination in 1984 and 1998.  Without delving into his politics, one has to admit that powerful speeches came from his mouth, no matter what he was talking about.  His delivery was amazing!

Believe me not?  Watch oration at its finest:

Perhaps he was a pinch before his time.  No joke.  I wonder how this affected Dr. Seuss book sales at the time, because in all seriousness, who doesn’t want to buy this book now?

Back to the original game – go ahead, show me your six degrees, Sherlock.

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