Small Business Owners – Enjoy Your Penalty

I can’t believe no one is complaining about this.  Perhaps it is to come, as letters are just now being mailed out.

               Arrrghhh.  The missus and I own a small business.  I just received a lovely notice from the IRS that we filed our form 1065 late.  We have been filing this form every year and on time, for almost 20, yes TWENTY years.  Alas, we were not in the know that as of this year, the filing date was changed to March 15.  What does this mean?  Penalty!  We certainly don’t mind giving our time:  help out at the library, weed-whacking, pick up trash by the side of the road, teach a child to read, maybe even participate in a chain-gang. .  .

Oh no.  Major bummer.  Seven hundred and eighty dollars bummer.

You think those beastards didn’t know that some small businesses would miss the first year of this new deadline?  Hah!  The government has probably taken into account penalties anticipated and have them earmarked for something ridiculous.  Or better yet, something ironic such as funneling these funds into helping small businesses.

Don’t you anti-Trumpers get excited.  This law was passed by Congress under Obama.  Having said that, I realize I might have some recourse.  I will tweet the Trump.  Surely, he will fix this.

But, wait, there’s more.  Everyone should appreciate IRS math.

We filed by April 15th.  Yes the deadline was April 18th this year.  But, I am trying to make a point.  That is, we were one month late.  However, in IRS land, a partial month counts as a whole month.  The IRS randomly has assigned a penalty for this heinous crime of $195 per business owner listed, per month.  That makes for 2 people for March 16 to March 31, and 2 people for April 1 to April 18 = $780.00.

               Wow, this is a great business model for service and repair.  Imagine you call a serviceman and he arrives at your home at 8:45 am and works on your dishwasher until 9:15 am.  That equals 30 minutes of labor plus parts, right?  No sir!

IRS math dictates that 8:45 am is part of the 8-9 time slot which equals one hour, plus 9 to 9:15 am is part of the 9-10 hour time slot, which equals another hour.  Thirty minutes becomes two hours. Kaching!  More than double the profit.  It’s brilliant.  I’m sure no will argue.

Besides tweeting the Trump, I intend to write the IRS a mean and nasty letter along with a check for the payment, making sure to use 780 staples to attach said check to said letter to further my point write a kind and thought provoking, tear jerking, pleading, and groveling letter begging for forgiveness in the form of $780.00.

Folks, yet again, this is another argument for a national sales tax.  When I read of your IRS woes I think that sucks, glad it’s not my problem.  Just the same, no one is going to help me with my personal battle, and that is just how they want it.

Thus ends today’s session of Wilfred Knight Gripes

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