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Sex, Politics, and Religion

The big three no-no’s, off limits, should not be discussed in the workplace.

Exceptions to this rule are in the classroom.  Professors teach courses about sex, politics, and religion, but some of these teachers don’t seem to understand the difference between venting and educating.

In a human sexuality class at Orange Coast College, a teacher expressed her opinions of the election.  She called Trump a white supremacist and stated, “Our nation is divided.  We have been assaulted.  It’s an act of terrorism. . . The people creating the assault are among us.”  Her rant was recorded by an offended student, Caleb O’Neill, who was suspended, forced to apologize, and was supposed to write a paper about why he took and shared the video, and the dangerous impact the video had.  Huh? read more

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Pink Pussy Women Descend Upon Washington

Women banded together to challenge the power of the pussy grabber by donning pink pussy hats.  Believe me not?  Go to Wikipedia and type in “Pussy Hat” and you will discover information about the 2017 Women’s March on Washington.  There were actually numerous demonstrations in many cities in America and worldwide on January 21, 2017.  Turnout was good.

Go girl power!  Think about it.  Women wearing pink hats with cat ears.  It’s brilliant.  But, what will the ladies do now?  How about a steady source of income for your new pussy platform? read more

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