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Muslim Ban Take Two

And Muslim ban block – take two.  We’re a bunch of bleeding heart idiots.  We look like complete nincompoops trying to argue for the terrorists.  Yes, come on in.

We are like the mother who just gave birth next to a lion who watches her newborn mistakenly imprint on the very beast that will eat it alive.

This is like sympathizing with Nazi sympathizers.  This is like inviting a child molester to babysit your children.  Allow your little altar boy to spend some quality time with chaste men at the local priesthood.  Invite the Ku Klux Klan to the backyard barbeque, maybe some skinheads, too.   Arrange a blind date for your daughter with a convict. read more

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President Trump Protects Americans – How Dare Him!

Donald Trump is doing his job to the horror of some Americans.  The refugee ban.  The masses have taken to calling it a muslim ban.  But is it really entirely a religious thing?  I suggest that it is much more than that.  The American public should be concerned about several major issues.

Vetting Extremists.  Many Americans have as much faith in the vetting system as they do in the Veteran’s Administration and the United States Postal Service.  Past immigrants have been allowed to travel to and from the very country they claimed to be fleeing from.  Why isn’t it that hard to see that ISIS would certainly want to take advantage of a refugee loophole to get extremists into America? read more

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