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How To Get Your IRS Penalty Back for Late Filing of Form 1065

A couple of months ago, I blogged about my IRS woes.  To sum it up, the IRS changed the due date for business owners who have to file Form 1065 from April 18th to March 15th.  Said blog explained how I got a lovely notice for want of $780.00 for being late, and how I was going to fight, fight, fight.

I know you are all thinking this couldn’t turn out well for me.

Did the Wilfred prevail?  Did the Wilfred win?

Hell Yeah!

The taxpaying people will rejoice in my victory and scream with glee:  Show me the money! read more

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Small Business Owners – Enjoy Your Penalty

I can’t believe no one is complaining about this.  Perhaps it is to come, as letters are just now being mailed out.

               Arrrghhh.  The missus and I own a small business.  I just received a lovely notice from the IRS that we filed our form 1065 late.  We have been filing this form every year and on time, for almost 20, yes TWENTY years.  Alas, we were not in the know that as of this year, the filing date was changed to March 15.  What does this mean?  Penalty!  We certainly don’t mind giving our time:  help out at the library, weed-whacking, pick up trash by the side of the road, teach a child to read, maybe even participate in a chain-gang. .  . read more

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