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Bill Maher, Gender and Race Roles

Al Franken’s political career:  Over.    Could he go back to comedy?  Probably not.

Bill Maher, known for comedy, is in hot water for reenacting Al Franken’s picture of mock-u-groping a fellow comedian.  Mr. Franken’s picture was with a woman, Leeann Tweeden while Mr. Maher’s pic was with Bob Saget.

Aha, a role reversal.  What could it mean?  Is this political comedy or victim shaming?  Does it make fun of women’s rights?

Women have a hard time being on the same par as men when they are breaking into areas where men are in power.  I get it. read more

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What Happened to the Netflix Rating System?

Thumbs Down to Netflix

Why don’t I like the new thumbs up and thumbs down rating system?  Two words.  The Lobster.  It came with a high percentage match for me, and I don’t know why.  I was very surprised to find it has a 7 to 10 out of ten rating on other sites.  For me it was a serious thumbs down.

I demand my stars back.  Not just mine, but others.

I have already learned the hard way that if a movie or program is listed as one star then that rings true as I won’t like it.  I have also learned the hard way that I don’t much care for anything rated two stars.  I have much higher odds of liking a movie with 3 or 4 stars, and then of course it is incredibly difficult to find anything over 4.5 stars, but I would love to watch anything with a rating that high. read more

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Your Catholic Contribution Goes to Lawyers and Hush Money

We all know of the Catholic Church controversies.  They move priestly pedophiles around, and then lie to cover it up.

I recently watched The Keepers, a sick and twisted tale about 1960’s Baltimore Catholicism where a father was accused, multiple times of twisted deeds against young boys and girls.  It involved the police and even included the murder of a Nun.

In my honest opinion, it was a decent program, however I felt it could have been told in at least less than half the time.

Serious misgivings were afoot, and still are up to this day, regarding the conduct of the police department and the church with an astonishing loss of evidence and continued lies. read more

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Bill Cosby – Victim of Rapist Society

Oops, I got that wrong.  Bill Cosby and family members are declaring that he is the victim of a racist society.   Yes, unbelievably, they are playing the black card.

Mr. Cosby was in hot water just by the sheer number of women that came forward.  But he threw himself into the boiling pot when he answered, too quickly, the question of whether he gave women pills with the intent to have sex with them.  He said yes.

Deposition Excerpts

A good move on Mr. Cosby’s part (for him) is his recent announcement that he won’t testify.  So why can’t he and his family members shut up altogether?  It is insulting to everyone including women AND the black community. read more

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Your Daughter’s Death by Kitchen Fire

What the heck is going on in India?

I was watching a documentary called “Dowry Law” on Netflix.

It isn’t uncommon for marriages to be set up by parents in lieu of love.  The engrained monetary rituals are quite the heavy burden as the bride’s family pays for the entire wedding, including gifts for all who come.  However, additional large sums of money and gifts are also expected to be forked over directly to the groom and his family.  Ironically, this sets the young bride up for murder by means of “kitchen fire.” read more

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