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What is The Politically Correct Word for Retarded?

This blog is inspired by an incredibly lame statement by Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez aka AOC. Her tweet as follows:

The far-right loves to drum up fear & resistance to immigrants.
But have you ever noticed they never talk about what‘s causing people to flee their homes in the first place?
Perhaps that’s bc they’d be forced to confront 1 major factor fueling global migration:
Climate change.

Um, yeah. That statement speaks for itself. Unfortunately, it isn’t politically correct to call someone retarded anymore. But then, it isn’t politically correct to say anything at all, anymore. read more

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President Trump Protects Americans – How Dare Him!

Donald Trump is doing his job to the horror of some Americans.  The refugee ban.  The masses have taken to calling it a muslim ban.  But is it really entirely a religious thing?  I suggest that it is much more than that.  The American public should be concerned about several major issues.

Vetting Extremists.  Many Americans have as much faith in the vetting system as they do in the Veteran’s Administration and the United States Postal Service.  Past immigrants have been allowed to travel to and from the very country they claimed to be fleeing from.  Why isn’t it that hard to see that ISIS would certainly want to take advantage of a refugee loophole to get extremists into America? read more

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