Teenagers Flipping the Gender Switch

The whole cis / trans thing has gotten way out of hand.  This stems from chemistry where a molecule has the same components, but in a different arrangement, often making for different properties.

The same can be said of men and women:  Different arrangements with different chemicals flowing through their bodies, and different roles which vary widely according to the culture they live in.

Yes, there are many different types of people and sexual persuasions.  There are straight people, bisexuals, lesbians, gay men, transgender persons, and transsexual persons, including true hermaphrodites physically and genetically, and the list grows on.  Nowadays you can select your life altering chemicals.

And then there is the confused teenager who may have some or none of the cross-gender situations, yet mentally embrace them.  As if a parent doesn’t have a difficult enough time with teens, or a truly life changing situation, now they must deal with teens who declare the need to mentally switch their gender every few hours as they feel.

Transgender persons are the planet’s ultimate frontier of folks who are the most persecuted and least likely to be afforded their civil rights.

Isn’t this mental gender switching back and forth per whim an insult to them and . . . everyone?

Go ahead, experiment, but pick a team, or even pick numerous teams.  You don’t need to keep flipping the switch.  It’s a waste of electricity.

Wilfred Knight

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