Terrorist Attacks in England – Bad Apples

I can’t even believe what is happening in England on so many levels.

If these terrorist attacks continue, the anti-Muslim sentiment will far outweigh the cries of those who claim all are welcome in the name of religious freedom and religious tolerance.  I hate to mention the name Trump, but in light of recent events, I can’t say the travel ban isn’t uncalled for.  We may soon see the United Kingdom enact a travel ban even more encompassing, which would actually be welcomed by its citizenry.

I want to emphasize to the poo-poo-ers that what is going on slams its fist into your extremely naïve face.  This is some serious ugliness.  This is what we don’t want in America.

The uneducated idiots who murder in the name of Allah have such a strong allegiance to Him, that they forego their families, including young children so that they may kill others, including your children.  Yes, drastic measures need to be taken.

Let’s watch and see how England responds, rightfully so, and according to the people who are tired of watching their fellow citizens being killed in the name of God.

Unfortunately, one bad apple can spoil the bunch.  Let’s see if England is ready to throw out the whole bunch.

Dare we say on this one issue that Trump is right?

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