The Bible: The Good Book of Murder

I am going to write a book.  But first I need to do a lot of research, and that involves reading the Bible.  I have never read it page to page.  Twice in my life I started to read the Bible, but burned out in the first chapter on both occasions.

So far I am still in the Old Testament.  It is an incredible read.  We are not talking sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but rather incest and murder.

I am seriously wondering if this God is tricking people as the devil in disguise.  God is mean, evil, vindictive, murderous, controlling, and contradictory.  How is it that millions of people are able to reconcile his actions?  It gives a whole new feeling to the term “God-fearing people”.  You should fear him.  He is one cruel and twisted dude.

Thou Shalt Not Kill.  Yeah, it’s in there.  But, there is also genocide, not only in the name of God, but with his blessing and in fact guided by his hand.  Specific directions are often made to kill every man, woman and child in numerous towns, and sometimes all of the animals, too.  Infanticide apart, there are so many rules about why and when to sacrifice an animal, I can’t hardly imagine that people of old had anything to eat.

In the context of history, this good book of genocide has proved to be a pretty good starting point, a good blueprint if you will.  It has set a precedent and lends religious reason for the continued mass extermination of humans, which continues to this day.  How devilish.

I will continue to read on.  But for now, I have to say I am beside myself.  There are far better lessons to be learned by reading Aesop’s Fables.

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