The Boy Scouts Weren’t Prepared for Child Sex Abuse Charges

The Boy Scouts of America is under fire for child sexual abuse allegations.

Lawsuits have been filed, and The Boy Scouts group is concerned about bankruptcy. They want to hold onto their lands where children camp, and play, and get molested.

Now, The Boy Scouts of America is screwed. Insurance companies are not covering their sexual abuse lawsuits. The insurance folks claim that proper precautions and after-the-fact actions were inadequate. In turn, The Boy Scouts association is suing for lack of coverage, as if a pedophilia rider was policy standard.

This leads back to the mandatory reporting issue. Most religions and religiously affiliated clubs aren’t required by law to report abuse. No organization wants to look bad. However, internally squashing information creates the perfect loophole for pedophiles to exploit. The severity of the inevitable implosion is self-made. Continued finger-pointing only proves a point that child abuse hushers just can’t get.

Raising dues for the next decade of legal wrangling could be a tough sell. The Boy Scouts of America should refer back to their infamous motto, “Be Prepared.”

As in be prepared, cause this is gonna hurt.

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