The Butt-Naked Melania

Talk about a marketing mastermind. Rapper, T.I., is getting all sorts of press for releasing a snippet of his music video featuring a Melania Trump look-alike, who dances butt naked on a desk in front of a stogie-smoking T.I. in the White House.

This would be a great place for a cigar joke having to do with a President, the White House, a lady, and a desk, but that would be too easy.

Back to the smoking hot woman who portrays Melania. Oddly, her name is Melanie Marden. Kind of has a nice ring to it . . . like Marla Maples.

Ya gotta love the hypocrisy of the media who reports this story as reprehensible, showing a blurred portion of the video, as if this keeps them being accountable for their yellow journalism.

Ms. Marden is claiming she is getting death threats.  WTF?  I’d like to say don’t shoot the messenger, but I’m sure the video wasn’t her idea.

T.I. is making a statement. There is nothing more insulting to a man than the co-opting of his woman, other than “your momma” insults.

On the flip side, isn’t this a compliment? What other first lady was ever as gorgeous as Melania? A nude and wiggly Barbara Bush would have made for an entirely different theme.

I’ll be the first to say that the sexy, naked Melanie Marden dancing before T.I. makes for a much better presentation. A Donald Trump look-alike would have only ruined everyone’s fantasy.

Blame the woman?  Um, no. The dumb death-threaters who are angry with Marden’s strip tease don’t realize they’ve been played. The source of the real tease is a team of people who put into action a controversial, hype-worthy concept that is respectfully due the full attention it is getting.

I’m personally looking forward to the rest of the video.

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