Trump the White Supremacist

Trump is being criticized for not speaking out sooner against the Charlottesville protest and counter protest that led to the murder of a white counter-protester lady by a white protester guy.

White Supremacists in the form of Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, and the Ku Klux Klan have been around for decades.  Why is this Trump’s fault?

Folks – you are misplacing your anger.

Now that Trump has come out against the pro-whitey people, the population still isn’t satisfied because he took too long.  Ironically, if Trump had condemned this murder sooner, then everyone would have cried foul that he responded so quickly to a white person’s death.  He just can’t win.

I just love how everything is always the president’s fault.  When people in Louisiana didn’t leave before Hurricane Katrina, as they had been warned, it was President Bush’s fault.  Then the story was spun to say that President Bush didn’t care about poor people and/or black people.  Pshaw!

Call a spade a spade but leave Trump out of it.  There are other things on the table.  The Donald also doesn’t make daily announcements of American soldiers of all races who died fighting against those who would kill us in the name of Allah.

Maybe we should blame him for that, too.

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