Used Underwear Market

Don’t ask me how we got on to this subject, or how the conversation turned into internet searches.  Just know it happened.

Me and a couple of buddies ended up on some websites offering used Japanese panties for sale.  It clearly stated that all panties have been stolen.  That makes it er, um, cough, legitimate.

The funniest part was you could search by profession.  You could find underwear from secretaries, librarians and even newlyweds from the wedding night.  It wasn’t clear whether the panties were stolen before or after consummation of the marriage.

All sorts of questions come to mind.  First of all, who has this type of job?  Imagine the dinner conversation.  So, what do you do for a living?  Or a job search in newspapers or online: “Wanted – Panty Thief.”

But seriously, as if this isn’t odd enough, does the purchaser honestly believe that these panties have really been worn by a woman?  Even in Orange is the New Black the used panty market changed once a couple of clever folks figured out a formula to apply to the panties involving fish oil to make for less out of pocket.

I believe there is even an American market now.  I’m not giving out websites.  You can do your own freaky searching and leave me out of it.

I’m just wondering if I could make a buck or two.  Is there a used men’s underwear market?  Surely, women must be willing to shell out their hard earned dollars for men’s dirty underwear.

So here I go.

For sale:  One pair of used underwear.  Description: White with brown stripe.

Any takers?

Wilfred Knight

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