We Are All Homos

People are way over thinking sexuality.  You are confusing yourselves and others with the Ze and Zir thing.  I still think it’s an affront to truly transgender persons.

That’s great that you are adding words to the dictionary.  Who doesn’t love new definitions? For schizzle my nizzle.

However, I Wilfred, am here to help everyone get back to basics.

I will agree that the English language is limited and sexist.  There is sir for men which means you don’t know if that guy is married or not, what parts he has, and who he wants to have sex with.  Then there is miss, missus or Mrs., truly misogynistic as we know nothing of their parts or sexuality, except that these women are single or married.  Even Ms. was revised but it backfired as people thought she was an unmarried female who didn’t want to be known as such.

Transmasculine is a huge step up from butch dyke.  Transfeminine is a great new word for girly men.  But, you don’t need a new pronoun for every feeling you have, whether you are up or down, or even when mentally switching genders throughout the day.  There is a word for that.  It is called moody.

As far as sexuality, sometimes people like it soft and slow, other times hard and rough.  There is a word for that.  It is called variation.  You don’t have to switch genders to appreciate deviation.

If you want a gender neutral pronoun, then why have two words as in Ze and Zir?  No one else can possibly know when another person has flipped the switch unless they verbalize it.

Might I suggest the use of a single word?  A fair and equal word for all.

From now on, everyone shall refer to everyone else as homo, as in homo sapiens and homo erectus.  We are all hominoids and I believe calling each other a homo will remove mood, gender, and discrimination from daily interactions.

Excuse me, homo, can I borrow a dime?  Hey homo, you’re in the way.  Pardon me, homo, would you have any Grey Poupon?

Yes, let’s replace the growing list of LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ and just go for the H.

If you want to stick with, “Yes, Hir” and, “No, Ha’am” then that’s on you.

Keep it simple, homo.

Wilfred Knight

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