What the Hell is Going on in Hollywood?

Same old, same old.  Men in position of power take advantage of women, and get away with it.  It’s one thing if it’s consensual, but rape!!??  And you get to keep your job??!!  WTF.

For some reason, whistle blowers get labeled and basically blow their careers before they get started, no matter the profession.  Ironically, it takes an established woman or two to chip away at the establishment.

Men of my character don’t understand these stories.  We get that money brings women.  But when we see an overweight, over-aged ugly man with a young, incredibly beautiful wife blow it. . . we collectively scratch our heads.  If you want to be with multiple women, fine.  Be up front and take some notes from the likes of Hugh Hefner.

The fix.

For the ladies, I offer some advice.  Some items to help you out without giving yourself away include a hidden body cam and a stun gun.  Upload footage of these fools to the internet trolls, name and address included.  The stun gun is for your own personal protection and we would love, love, love to see some zappage footage.  That shit would go viral post haste.

There are many good men, myself included, who would love to witness girl power taking down man power that even we have come to resent.  Because, some of us were taught about and respect consent.

I would also suggest that ladies drag men into the mire as those who knew were also complicit.  #menwhoknew

Looking forward to your footage and memes,

Wilfred Knight

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