What’s Wrong With Your Knee?

The football field during the National Anthem:  Why is this the place and time for kneeling up for the rights of black people?

How about protesting child abuse?  Is anybody bending the knee to save the elephants?

The president of the NAACP compared the most famous knee bender to Rosa Parks!!??

Rosa Parks protested on a bus where she was being discriminated against.

These Gumby idiots with chronic knee problems are being paid to participate in a league that not only doesn’t discriminate against race, but also questionably includes people with criminal pasts.  It would make a lot more sense for some straight and narrow football player to kneel in protest of spousal abuse.

Instead of helping racial issues, this anti-American action has only deepened the divide.  Good job, guys.

Rosa Parks was a paying customer, not an overpaid whiny bitch.  She took a stand by taking a seat, a seat that she paid for.

Football fanatics also pay for seats.  Yes, football enthusiasts are men and women of different races who pay your mind blowing and knee bending salaries.

If you can’t show some respect for your country, at least show some respect to all the Americans who are financially supporting you.  You know them – they are the ones out in the stands, standing up for the National Anthem.

The next time you are kneeling, put your hands together and pray the paying public doesn’t continue to take a stand against your offensive demonstration by means of boycott.

Show some respect and stand up for yourself.

Wilfred Knight

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