White Man Making Racist Comments Video

I happened upon said video recently of a guy cussing his brains out, making racial slurs and just being very inappropriate in general.  What a jerk.  I reposted it to my facebook.  When I went to enter a comment, I got a bad taste in my mouth because this is when I actually read the original comment posted with the video by Shaun King.

I was totally ok with, and actually agreed with Part 1: “Damn this is despicable. An AMERICAN man was simply speaking Spanish to his own mother, who is Puerto Rican, when he was overheard by this white man – who goes off on him for not speaking English and proceeds to call him racial slurs, toss trash at him, and more.”

Part 2, the grand finale, really bothered me: “Trump has fully empowered bigots and white supremacists just like this to be blatantly nasty in public.”

Whoa!  What trip did we just take?  6 degrees of separation?

As a white guy, how can I now agree with this?  It leaves me torn.  Let’s think this through.

The a-hole in the video was a human.  Therefore all humans suck?  It’s plausible.  Better yet, the jerk was a man therefore all men are jerks.  Hmm…   How about the guy was in a wheelchair, hence all handicapped people are buttheads.  . . . Nah.

I think what was honed in on was the racist dude was a white guy and since the election of Trump, this white man felt empowered enough to come out of the shy and reserved bigot closet to become an openly blatantly asshole.  As if he wasn’t like this already.

Well, it’s true.  Besides, everyone knows that only white guys make racial comments.  And, we all love stereotypes.

By this logic, we would then have to label all democratic voters as the thugs and thieves we saw rioting, looting and beating up people in the streets.  Their behavior was all Hillary’s fault.  She empowered the oppressed citizenry to openly assault their fellow Americans while stealing some free shit on the side.

To Mr. Shaun King – Call a spade a spade, dude, but don’t add injury to insult.

Watch the video and judge for yourself:

Inappropriate Rascist Video on Facebook

Lost in stereotypification,

Wilfred Knight

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