Who is the Whiny Bitch: The Rural American or Joy Reid?

Hey rural Americans, did you know that you are “the core threat to our democracy,” according to dumbass journalist Joy Reid?  She lives in New York City.  Get a rope.

There are others afoot, but I’m gonna stick with this lady’s hypocrisy.  What comes out of her mouth amounts to a hill of beans.

Guess what, Joy Reid?  Rural America is the backbone of our nation.

When rural folk are upset with the political establishment, they don’t run around like whiny bitches looting and damaging businesses and personal property within their own community.  They know the community they live in must be depended upon for support.

Rural Americans know how to make do.  They help others pull their cars out of the mud.  They say “hi” when they walk by.  These people check up on each other, they barter, they make ends meet.

In case you missed the make do class at Harvard, that means food, water and shelter.  That nutrition class you took doesn’t quite qualify.

When the shit hits the fan, and it will, be it this century or another, rural Americans will be the ones to look to for nation rebuilding.  They understand the lay of the land, and how to work the land.

Joy Reid, you will have a couple of options.  You can watch the chaos and mayhem from your high rise window as your big city community implodes.  The only thing to eat will be your words.  Or, you can escape.

The best tip I can give you is to get a bicycle.  I won’t have high hopes during your peddle to safety, namely a rural area, that you will be able to fend off the true heavies.  These will be the desperate, dangerous and aggressive city dwellers that come out in search of anything and everything they can use to save their own butts and those of their family members.

You probably also missed the supply and demand class.  If you do make it to safety, your make-up and fashion skills might not be highly sought after.  Just remember you will have that bicycle.

Perhaps you could trade it for a can of beans.

Wilfred Knight

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