Why Shouldn’t We Give Up On God?

We all know about the daily heartbreak families go through: horrible accidents, disease, genocide.  But let’s think larger.

We have come to understand dinosaurs, volcanoes, early humans, rainbows and eclipses, thunder and lightning, even plate tectonics.  But we just can’t give up on God.  We have chosen blind faith and are able to overlook so many discrepancies such as how old the earth is, and the evidence of the relatively short-lived existence of humans on our planet.

People used to believe that the sun orbited earth and that the earth was flat.  Today we have the car, the microwave, and the computer.

But we still cling to the Bible.  This is a book of stories with supposed morals and codes written many moons ago by uneducated people that we just can’t give up on.  You can’t say that about other books.

Sure you might hear an occasional “ism” from Aesop’s fables, but we don’t refer to the works often, quote it line for line, have crossword puzzle books with famous quotes, watch news programs about correlations with current events, attend study groups and weekly meetings where stories are interpreted into uplifting speeches, and we don’t give money to the cause.

Even Charles Darwin said that the belief in a God or Gods distinguishes man from animals.  He figured that out not too long ago, in the 1800’s.  Animals kill each other for food.  Man kills man for numerous perverted reasons, but mainly for power, wealth, and for not believing in the same God.

Maybe it’s time to turn in the Bible for a book of fables.

After all, what does it really mean to “live like animals?”  Imagine what Aesop might think.

It’s an insult to animals.

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